Grill Burgers To Perfection

05. March 2017 Blog Posts 0

It is one of the most frequently used meat for grilling, and most of you would agree, the burger is a delicious food. Grilled burgers are so delicious that a person would find it hard in stopping themselves from going for another burger. But many people do not know the proper way of cooking their burger. You need to grill it to perfection in order to get the desired taste. So, read on to find out more on how you can grill a burger properly. According to, you can make so many varieties of burgers and get a chance of eating a new burger everyday.

Here are some tips which would help you in making the perfect burger.

· Avoid Using Premade Frozen Patties
People find it very convenient to buy frozen patties but very less of them know, the patties are usually made from low grade meat which can burn or dry the meat before the burger is fully cooked. You need to buy grounded fresh meat as the fat from the meat will help in keeping your burger moist and juicy and yet, there still would be enough lean which prevents in excessive shrinkage.

· The Patties Need To Be Always Slightly Wider Than The Bun’s Diameter.
While making the burger, the patties need to be pressed 1 inch wider than the bun’s diameter, so that the center becomes thinner than the edges. While the meat cooks, the fat renders and the patties will shrink towards the center of the burger. This would give you a perfect uniformed burger.

· Meat Needs To Be Seasoned Well
In order for the burger to taste good, it is very important for you to season the patties before cooking. Each time you make the patties, try to include different types of seasoning, which would help you in making your ordinary burgers taste awesome.

· Do Not Smash The Burgers
While cooking the burger, it is very common for people to press the burgers against the grill. This needs to be avoided as you’re in fact squeezing out all the flavored juices and leaving your burger dry.

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